Welcome ELCO!

Since the beginning of the new year, we have been supporting ELCO in its public relations work. This includes press relations, content development and media planning through to the creation of reference reports. ELCO is innovative and develops high-quality heating solutions.

Welcome ELCO!
Photo: ELCO

At the beginning of our cooperation, we immediately focused on the new, extremely efficient and flexible AEROTOP® SX heat pump. It is a perfect alternative to cost-intensive and environmentally harmful oil or gas heating systems. In this way, the company is addressing exactly what is also very important to us personally: Sustainability. Like all ELCO heat pumps, the new AEROTOP® SX is quiet and its design is restrained and timeless. In a way, the modern heating appliance "merges" with the individual living environment. We look forward to working with ELCO!

Further important and exciting information can be found in our first press release.