about us

about us – press agency for architecture and design

What does bering*kopal . Büro für Kommunikation stands for? Who stands behind the press agency for architecture, building, interior design and sustainable design? And how do we work?

about us – press agency for architecture and design

What do we stand for?

Our passion is writing. With our articles, we make companies, brands, solutions, services and positions visible and ensure relevance - across all channels. We stand for the strategic planning, editing and placement of content. For a high-quality network in the media and relevant institutions. For unique content and thinking through complex topics in the fields of architecture, interiors, design, technical innovations and sustainability. Last but not least, for a personal style, continuity and quality.

What do we do?

We are a communications and press relations agency specializing in architecture and design topics with particular emphasis on sustainable design and construction. We use our more than 20 years of experience in architecture, design and construction industry topics to get our clients in the spotlight and achieve verifiable coverage - print and online. If needed, we support our media communications with target-group-specific media planning. We use our knowledge to create website copy (SEO-ready) or content for print media for our clients. In addition, we offer content for social media, such as LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook. If you are still looking for the right communication channels, we are happy to assist you as strategic consultants.

Rainer Häupl and Heike Bering, CEOs bering*kopal . Büro für Kommunikation
Rainer Häupl and Heike Bering, CEOs bering*kopal . Büro für KommunikationFoto: Gordon Koelmel

Who are we?

Heike Bering is co-founder and managing director of bering*kopal. She is a qualified romance language expert, art historian and journalist. Her key expertise includes copywriting, the development of social media content, international collaborations and consulting. Her "trademark" is her eye for the essential and her passion for design, architecture and brand topics.

Rainer Häupl studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and is a trained architectural journalist. As a PR and content marketing expert with over 15 years of experience, he joined bering*kopal as co-managing director in 2022. He focuses on consulting, text and architectural communication.

Thomas Kopal, a qualified psychologist, is the founder of bering*kopal and, together with Heike Bering, has developed the agency into an internationally active office for communication and public relations.

about us – press agency for architecture and design

How do we work?

We are flexible, personal, open, curious, consistent and motivated. As a public relations agency based in Stuttgart, we operate regionally, nationally and throughout Europe. For full-service requests ranging from marketing and event management to architecture and scenography, we draw on our long-standing network. Set us a challenge!

about us – press agency for architecture and design

We are active in the following fields: bathrooms and sanitary facilities/ lighting + lighting technology / architecture + interior design / design + innovation / office + object furnishings / room acoustics / furniture / references architecture + interior design / public relations for architects, interior designers and engineering practices

Are you interested in working with us?

Then please feel free to contact:
Heike Bering
Management, Strategy
+ 49 711 74 51 759-15