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Nimbus presents new luminaire family

Module Q - this is the name of the new ceiling luminaire family from Nimbus. Its design is minimalist, the lighting effect brilliant. Our press release is available for download here.

The new Modul Q One, Q Four and Q Four TT ceiling spots and wallwashers offer excellent light quality, a precise lighting effect and a light source that is practically invisible. Nimbus recently launched these exquisitely minimalistic luminaires in the colours matt black and matt white. The new products can be installed anywhere in the house as well as in galleries, shops, restaurants and offices. Special focus has been placed on optimised glare suppression and precise, focused light emission. Nimbus is now presenting Q ONE, Q FOUR and Q FOUR TT – the new generation of the Modul Q family of ceiling luminaires featuring a wallwasher. The focused light enables the realisation of defined lighting zones and the accentuation of surfaces and spaces. The Modul Q family is used in living spaces – including the kitchen – in galleries, medical practices and in restaurants. The compact modules are made of aluminium and are available in matt black or matt white. They have built-in lenses with either one or four high-performance LEDs.

THE PURE LIGHTIn contrast to the proven Nimbus Q modules so popular with designers – which are still used for general lighting – Modul Q One, Q Four and Q Four TT provide pinpoint accentuating light with a precise beam angle of 40° or 80°. "The new products complete our kit for lighting designers," says Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, the Nimbus CEO. As light sources, they retreat completely into the background and blend in with the wall or ceiling. Their true lighting effect comes to the fore on the surface to be illuminated – tables, work surfaces, counters and objects. Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl characterises the high-quality lighting effect thus:

"The light emitted is of extraordinary brilliance. The intensity and power with which it strikes surfaces and objects come as something of a surprise – while at the same time one is also impressed by its warmth and cosiness."

Nimbus presents new luminaire family
Foto: NImbus