Media Information of our clients

Hygiene, Baton Change and Design

The press is busy once again before the summer break and our topics are well accepted. In these days, hygiene and infection prevention are the main topics - and this is an issue in which our clients Kusch+Co and TOTO have great expertise. This know-how and the solutions that are currently needed are, of course, of great interest to us. But the "change of baton" at Werner Sobek is also a hot topic, as is the new LED luminaire family from Nimbus, which is again causing a stir with its minimalist design. The magazine "InteriorFashion" has dedicated a whole page to the hygiene-optimised furniture by Kusch+Co and talked to the expert Ingo Bandurski - recently published under the headline "Demand up". Under the headline "The Hygiene Package", the SHK Journal highlighted the advantages of a TOTO shower toilet and the blog architekturmeldungen.de takes a closer look at Werner Sobek's "change of baton". And then we were very excited that the lighting magazine Highlight dealt intensively with the innovations of the Q Four luminaire family and put them online immediately. These were some of the pleasing news of the week. If you are interested in the media information on the respective topics, just contact us: Heike.bering@bering-kopal.de